About us

Sports Attic is a sporting goods shop which specializes in used equipment for all sports. Our offerings include Hockey, Lacrosse, Ski, Snowboard, Golf, Tennis, Baseball, Ice Skates, and much more! Sports Attic opened in November of 1993. It is STILL family owned and operated. The concept was to provide the community a way to offset the high cost of sports engagement. By re-cycling pre-owned equipment (in good condition) we make it affordable for kids and adults to try out a sport of their choice. This concept caught on very quickly and today we are proud to have been able to serve the community in this matter and thankful of our customers making the Sports Attic a successful business. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to make it easier for everyone to play the sports we all love by creating a well connected community of athletes through the buying, selling, trading, and consigning of new and quality used equipment. We strive to empower the sport fanatic and the adventure seeking by offering high end new and used equipment at discounted prices.